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Who Has The Most Contagious Laugh in Canada?

 The winner of the 2022 Canadian Laughing Championships will go to the World Laughing Championship



Auditions are now open for the 6th annual Canadian Laughing Championships; Any Canadian can audition by going to the Canadian Laughing Championships Facebook page. The winner goes on to the World Laughing Championship, which is held over Zoom May 1st.


At the CLC, Canadians compete to see who has the most contagious laugh in Canada.

At laughing championships, competitors compete in a series of laughter challenges including Best Diabolical Laugh, Funniest Belly Laugh and Best Snort Laugh among others. Competitors aren’t just judged for laughing but for the contagious effect they have on the online audience. Only the truly contagious laughers rise to the top.


This year’s Championship is hosted by Chris Simeone, last year’s Diabolical Laughter Champion.


The Canadian Laughing Championship was founded by filmmaker and Laughologist Albert Nerenberg who observed: “Punching people in the face is a sport. Stabbing people with sticks is a sport. Why not a sport about elevating human joy?”

Laughing championships’ mission is one of unity, compassion, and peace for all through contagious laughter.

To find out more contact the Canadian Laughing Championships at

To audition send an audition video to Canadian Laughing Champion on Facebook:


CBC As It Happens featured a remarkable interview with last year’s Canadian Laughing Championship.

CONTACT: Chris Simeone at 514 606 7770


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