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Russian wins The World Laughing Championship. 

Uruguay wins Sexiest laugh and places second

International Zoom Audience laughs from beginning to end





A bombastic Russian narrowly defeated a Uruguayan beauty Queen to win the first ever World Laughing Championship
Americans who had been favoured. 

Moscow Resident Dmitry Efimov used an explosive and at times stunning style of contagious laughing to survive a litany of laughter challenges which included contestants from Canada, Iran, Malaysia and the USA among many others. Efimov will receive The Golden Chalice of Mirth awarded to the contestant who best shares joy through laughter.


Former Uruguayan Beauty Queen and Laughter Yoga teacher Giselle Barthou placed second winning the award for Sexiest Laugh in the World. Iranian laugher Amir Paravesh, who placed third also won the award for best use of the Zoom medium while laughing. 


Contestants are judged on the contagiousness of their laughter in over a dozen laughter challenges including the snort laugh. 


Although there have been formal laughter championship in over a dozen countries, this is the first ever World Laughing Championship which ironically was made possible by the COVID 19 Pandemic. 

“It wouldn’t be possible to fly people in from everywhere in the world,” said Championship co-host Albert Nerenberg. “But thanks to Zoom we could bring everyone together last night.” 

The event featured Americans and Iranians and Russians laughing together.
Although the event took place on April 1st, it’s not a joke said Nerenberg.
“Our goal is to elevate the shared pursuit of joy. If punching people in the face can be a sport. Then why can’t sharing happiness and joy?”

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