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How to compete in
The World Laughing Championship

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The World Laughing Championship brings together the most contagious laughers in the world. There are two ways to compete in the 2021 World Laughter Championship: 

1) You must be the champion of a recognized National Laughing Championship.  (If your country doesn't have one. See How to hold a laughing championship here. )

2) You can compete in  the WLC Wildcard category. Anyone, anywhere can compete in the wild card category but most post a contagious laughter video to World Laughing Championship Facebook page here. The most contagious laughers could be chosen to compete as a wildcard in the championship. This way, everyone has a chance to compete. Videos can come from Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram or Facebook but must play on the WLC facebook page.

Submissions will be judged by their contagiousness. 


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